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Information for recipients of RAS

This scheme is for people who are receiving rent supplement, usually for more than 18 months, and who need long-term housing. The scheme is being run by local authorities. It will provide additional, good quality rented accommodation for people receiving rent supplement and it will help local authorities to provide long-term housing for people who need it.

How will the RAS work?

Under the RAS your local authority will assist you in finding suitable accommodation and will pay rent to the landlord directly. You will still contribute to the rent but you will pay it to the local authority, not your landlord. Your rent contribution may be based on your local authority’s differential rent scheme.

How will the RAS benefit you?

The RAS will give you long-term housing security. It will also give you access to a range of housing supports. The RAS will also lead to improvements in the quality and standards of private rented accommodation. Finally, if you get a job you can stay in the scheme but you will have to contribute more towards the rent.

How do I qualify for the RAS scheme?

You will qualify for the scheme if you receive a rent supplement under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme and you are assessed by the local authority to have a long-term housing need. People with short-term needs will continue to receive rent supplement.

Who does not qualify for RAS?

  • Asylum seekers
  • Non-nationals who do not have leave to remain in the State permanently
  • Those in receipt of Back to Education Allowance

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Will I have to move to new accommodation?

Local authorities will make agreements with private landlords to provide accommodation on a medium to long-term basis. You may transfer to the RAS in your current accommodation if:

  • the quality of your current accommodation meets your local authority’s standards
  • your landlord is registered with the Private Residential Tenancies Board
  • your landlord agrees to move to the RAS, and
  • your landlord is tax compliant

Otherwise your local authority will offer you new accommodation.

When will I get accommodation?

As soon as possible. In some cases, where the local authority has suitable accommodation available, this will happen quite quickly. If suitable accommodation is not available, your local authority will make every effort to house you as soon as possible. In the meantime, as long as you still qualify, you may stay in your current accommodation and continue to receive rent supplement.

Can I refuse an offer of accommodation?

If you are offered accommodation under the RAS scheme, you can refuse it. However, if you refuse two offers of housing within a set period, you will not be entitled to rent supplement for a period of twelve months. Your local authority will make sure that any accommodation offered to you will suit your needs and meet their housing standards.

Can I still apply for local authority housing?

As RAS is now a social housing support, your housing need is met and you will no longer remain on the main social housing waiting list. 

Does the RAS affect my rights under the Residential Tenancies Act 2004?

The Residential Tenancies Act 2004 protects the rights of private rented sector tenants after a period of six months. The RAS scheme will not affect your rights under this law.

For further information please contact:

Housing, Social and Cultural Services,
Clare County Council,
Áras Contae an Chláir,
New Road,
Co. Clare
Phone:(065) 6846553
Fax: (065) 6866058

Page last reviewed: 07/02/23

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