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The register of electors - updates, changes and important dates

Important dates

  • The qualifying date for ordinary residents: 1st September
  • Publication of draft register of electors: 1st November
  • Last date for making corrections to or having name(s) included in the register of electors: 25th November
  • Publication of list of claims: 30th November
  • Publication of the register of electors: 1st February
  • Coming into force of the register: 15th February

Clare County Council Draft Register of Electors 2022/2023

The revision of the Register of Electors is now underway.  Any person who will be 18 years of age on or before the 15th February 2022 is entitled to be included on the Draft Register, which will be published on the 1st November 2021.

The General Scheme of the Electoral Reform Bill was published on 8th January 2021. It provides for a range of significant electoral reforms and modernises our electoral registration process. This process involves the review and update of our Register of Electors to ensure we have an accurate register including all required information i.e., Date of Birth, Eircode, Citizenship, etc.

New registrations: Please complete the RFA householder application form.

Special Voters

If you have a physical illness or physical disability that is likely to continue for the duration (12 months from 15th February 2022) of the Register and you are ordinarily resident in a nursing home or similar institution you should now apply for inclusion in the Special Voters List.

Postal Voters List

(a) Disabled Postal Voters List: If you are unable to go in person to vote at your polling station due to physical illness or physical disability: and

  • the illness or disability is likely to continue for the duration (12 months from 15th February 2022) of the Register to which the application relates. you should apply now for inclusion in the Postal Voters List. (Form PV1 applies)

(b) Postal Voters List for electors unable to vote at their polling station due to circumstances of occupation/education:

If you are likely to be unable to go in person on polling day at an election or referendum to vote at your polling station because of circumstances of occupation, service of employment or education you may apply for entry in the Postal Voters List. (Form PV2 applies)

All completed application forms should be returned to Clare County Council not later than 25th November, 2021 

Please check your details on or

To ensure you remain a valid elector on the Register please email any corrections/updates to or alternatively send by Free post to Register of Electors Section, Clare County Council, Áras Contae an Chláir, Ennis, Co. Clare. V95DXP2. Licence No. ES104.

For any queries, please contact our Register of Electors department on 065 6846363 or Freephone- 1800245426.

The Draft Register of Electors for 2021/2022 has now been published and can be inspected at Post Offices, Garda Stations, Offices of the Local Authority, and the Franchise Office, Council Headquarters and on the web at  and

You can find further information on voting at

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