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Facilities for voters with a disability or illness

There are a variety of arrangements in place to assist those with an illness or certain disabilities to exercise their voting rights.

You can:

Local Elections Freephone number for the visually impaired

A Freephone number has been set up for visually impaired individuals in respect of the Local Elections.

  • The Freephone number is 1800 306 854.

The message sets out the names of the candidates in each individual Electoral Area who are running for the Local Elections for Clare County Council in the order in which they appear on the ballot paper.

They can select the Electoral area which they wish to hear the names and details of the candidates for. 

Individuals can familiarise themselves with the candidates on the ballot paper by contacting this Freephone number as often as they wish in advance of polling day. They can also use their mobile phone in the polling station centre on polling day to access this information.

At least one of these facilities is available to you if you have a physical illness or disability, a visual impairment or a reading or writing disability.

Page last reviewed: 30/04/19

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