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Trade plate licences

Trade plates are special registration plates obtainable only by motor traders. 

The uses of these plates by motor traders are restricted to prescribed uses in connection with the motor trade. They are issued for a period of one calendar year and become obsolete on the last day of each year.   To apply for plates for a year, the obsolete plates for the previous year must be returned to the Ennis motor tax office.

The fee for a set of trade plates is €353. 

To apply for a trade plate, you need:

  1. Application Form RF700 fully completed and submitted to the Ennis motor tax office.
  2. Garage code or motor dealer identity number - this code is obtained from the Department of Transport by the motor trader
  3. VAT number or RSI number (whichever is applicable)
  4. Rate account number or planning permission number and date permission granted, i.e. evidence of valuation for rating purposes of the applicant's premises or, if the premises are new and not yet valued, evidence of planning permission.
  5. Application must be accompanied by motor trader insurance policy.
  6. The fee.
  7. The previous year's plate(s) must be returned before the current year's plate can be issued

Page last reviewed: 03/08/16

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