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Emergency road closure L2156 to facilitate bridge repairs

31 March 2023

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993 and  Article 12 (6) of the Roads Regulations 1994 of Clare County Council’s decision to apply an emergency road closure to facilitate a Bridge Repair

Road to be closed;

The L2156 is closed for emergency bridge repairs between the junction with the L6332 at Reaghfa-Lismorris and the junction with the L6328 at Ballycloghessy. Local diversions will be in place with access only permitted from the North via Reaghfa/Lismorris.

Alternative Route/Diversion;

Diversion Route A via Cloonmore & Lismorris L6328, L6330 & L6332. Diversion Route B via Lanna & Dehomad L6322 & N68. A route map is attached below.

Date of Closure;                                                                                                        

27th March 2023 to 27th September 2023


Page last updated: 31/03/23

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