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WEEE - Retailers

As a retailer how can I register with Clare County Council?

Registration entails completing a form undertaking to comply with General Binding Rules on the environmentally sound management of WEEE and to forward this and a nominal fee (€20) to Clare County Council. Initial registration will cover 12 months, with registration taking place annually from 1st January thereafter. Retailers must register each shop with the functional area of Clare County Council.

How must WEEE be stored at my premises?

WEEE taken back at retailers’ premises needs to be stored and handled properly. All sites for the storage of WEEE must have impermeable surfaces . If the WEEE is to be stored in an outdoor area, this must have weatherproof covering. Spillage collection facilities must also be provided.

Do I need a waste collection permit to transport WEEE?

No. Retailers who are registered with Clare County Council and who have accepted WEEE back on a free one-for-one basis are exempted from requiring a waste collection permit when transporting that WEEE to an approved collection or recovery facility.

Do I need a waste collection permit if I want to collect WEEE to repair and sell on?

No, you do not need a waste collection permit since you are diverting the WEEE for recovery. However, you will need to register as retailer of WEEE when you are selling on the Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and must fulfill all retailer obligations including one for one take back.

If my customer is a business, am I obliged to take back their WEEE on a one for one basis?

Yes, once the WEEE is an item that you would usually find in a home and in the same amounts that you would generally find in a private home. Commercial businesses cannot dispose of WEEE free of charge at the civic amenity sites.

Can I, as a retailer, provide a designated collection point for WEEE?

If you wish to provide a designated collection point for WEEE contact your Local Authority where the premises is located and also contact the collective compliance scheme i.e. European Recycling Platform.

  • Local Authority: Limerick County Council
    Facility Location: Newcastle West - Telephone: (061) 78610 Retailer
    Kilmallock (063) 98836 Retailer
  • Local Authority: Limerick City Council
    Facility Location: Hegarty Metals - Telephone: (061) 418153 Retailer
  • Local Authority: Clare County Council
    Facility Location: Ballyduff Beg Recycling Centre - Telephone: (065) 6836960 Retailer
  • Local Authority: Kerry County Council
    Facility Location: North Kerry Landfill - Telephone: (066) 7129195 Retailer
    Coolcaslagh Transfer Station (Killarney) (064) 33522 Retailer
    Miltown Transfer Station (061) 9767385 Retailer
    Caherciveen Transfer Station (066) 9472640 Retailer
    Kenmare Transfer Station (087) 6863106 Retailer

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