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Reval 2023

Revaluation 2023 is a national programme aimed at ensuring that the rateable valuation of all commercial and industrial property in Ireland reflects the current business environment. 

After revaluation there will be a closer and more uniform relationship between the annual rental values of commercial properties and their commercial rates liability.

The Valuation Office will publish the new valuations in October 2023 and will be effective from 2024 onwards.

Mixed properties of domestic and commercial use will only be assessed on the commercial element of the property. Neither residential property nor agricultural lands are rateable and consequently are not affected by revaluation.

Who will carry out Reval 2023?

The valuation office is responsible for Reval 2023. The Valuation Office is Ireland’s State property valuation organisation. The Valuation Office provides ratepayers and local authorities with accurate, up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties. Local authorities calculate commercial rates based on the valuations provided by the Valuation Office.

Valuation order

On 2nd September 2022, the Commissioner of Valuation, with the consent of the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, revoked existing Valuation Orders for the revaluation of commerical and industrial propertis in Clare, Donegal, Dún Laoighre-Rathdown, Galway, Kerry and Mayo County Council and Galway City County rating authority areas. 

Following the completion of a statutory consultation process the Commissioner of Valuation, the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage and the relevant local authorities, the Commissioner has made new valuation orders for these rating authority areas.

Proposed Valuation Certificates

The revaluation of all commercial and industrial properties in Clare has now reached the Proposed Valuation Certificate issue stage.

On the 23rd of September 2022, Proposed Valuation Certificates (PVCs) were issued to approximately 90% of Clare County Council ratepayers.

The remaining PVCs will issue in tranches between 23rd February and 25th May 2023.

Ratepayers who are satisfied with their proposed valuation do not need to respond to the Valuation Office.

Where a ratepayer is dissatisfied with the proposed valuation or any of the details contained in the PVC, the ratepayer should make a "representation" to the Valuation Office within 40 days of the date of issue of the Certificate.  The closing date for making representations is clearly printed on each Proposed Valuation Certificate.

Final Valuation Certificates will be issued in September 2023 and will take effect from January 2024.

The proposed valuation figure can be found on this certificate. 

Rates Bill          =    Proposed Valuation      x  Indicative ARV

€<rates bill>    =  €<proposed valuation> x 0.25

Rates Calculator

Rates Bill =  Proposed Valuation x Indicative ARV

The commercial rates payable in any year is calculated by multiplying the valuation of the property which is set by the Valuation Office by the Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV). 

Indicative ARV = 0.250

For this stage of the revaluation process an indicative ARV will be provided by the valuation office. This indicative ARV is a comparitive figure. It tells the ratepayer what their 2022 rates would be under the new rates revaluation process.

Please note that the indicative ARV of 0.25, as set by the valuation office, is an estimate and likely to change.

The actual rates liability for 2024 will be calculated by multiplying the valuation of the property, set by the valuation office, by the ARV which will be set by the local authority in Quarter 4 of 2023.

Indicative Rates Calculator fro County Clare can be accessed at the Valuation Office Website.

Frequently asked questions

The Valuation Office has a useful list of Frequently asked questions.

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Valuation Office
Block 2, Irish Life Centre
Abbey Street Lower
Dublin 1
Opening hours
The phone lines are open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Futher information can be found on the website


More details and map

Reval 2023 process

  • Valuation Order is signed and Valuation Office sends out Information forms

  • Valuation Office issues Section 45 notices to certain categories of property

  • Valuation Office analyses information submitted

  • Valuation Office issues Proposed Valuation Certificates (PVC)

    On the 23rd September 2022, Proposed Valuation Certificates (PVCs) were issued to approximately 90% of Clare County Council ratepayers.

    The remaining PVCs will issue in tranches between 23rd February and 25th May 2023.

  • Timeframe for submitting representations

    You have 40 days to submit representations to the Valuation Office if dissatisfied with any detail of the PVC.

  • Valuation Office considers representations and makes changes if appropriate

  • Valuation Office issues Valuation Certificates and publishes valuation lists

  • Opportunity to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal if dissatisfied

    If you are dissatisfied with the valuation certificate you can make an appeal to the independent valuation tribunal.

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Reval 2023 - key dates and stages

  • 2022

    Engagement and assessment

    Valuation Office will engage with rated occupiers of commercial properties and assess the information received.

  • Issue date + 40 days

    Opportunity to make representations

    If you are unhappy with anything contained in the Proposed Valuation Certificate you will have an opportunity to make representations. You must make a representation within 40 days from the date of issue of the proposed certificate i.e. before 1st November 2022. 

  • September 2023

    Final Valuation Certificates

    The Valuation Office will issue Final Valuation Certificates to rated occupiers of commercial, industrial and industrial properties. 

    Your Final Valuation Certificate will be the basis for the commercial rates that will be levied on your property by the local authority from 2024 onwards.

  • September 2023

    Publication of Valuation Lists

    The Valuation Office will publish the valuation lists on 22nd September 2023

  • January 1st 2024

    New valuations will be the basis for commercial rates from January 2024

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Enquiries and further information

You'll find contact details for the Valuation Office in the contacts pane on this page

You can find further information on the Valuation Office website and the Valuation Office Twitter page at @VO_Ireland.

You can also email specific queries to or contact the Valuation Office by telephone on 01-5846753

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Page last reviewed: 24/02/23