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Killaloe Bypass/Shannon Bridge Crossing/R494 Upgrade

The proposed Killaloe Bypass, Shannon Bridge Crossing and R494 Improvement Scheme will provide a western bypass of Killaloe, a new bridge crossing of the River Shannon and an upgrade of the existing R494 regional road from Ballina to the N7 at Bridhill. The entire scheme is approximately 6.2km and will cross the River Shannon approximately 1km to the south of the existing Killaloe Bridge and will cross the Kilmastulla River (a tributary of the River Shannon and part of the Lower River Shannon SAC) on the R494. 

Project Drone Footage December 2023

Project description

The proposed scheme has been broken down into three sections as follows:

  • Killaloe Bypass: This part of the scheme aims to create a western bypass around the town of Killaloe which will connect the R463 to the north of town with the proposed Shannon Bridge Crossing section and R463 to the south of the town.
  • Shannon Bridge Crossing: This section of the scheme will cross the River Shannon approximately 1km south of the existing Killaloe Bridge and will connect the proposed Killaloe Bypass with the R494.
  • R494 Upgrade: This section will involve widening, regrading and local realignment of the R494 from its junction with the R496 and proposed Shannon Bridge Crossing south of Ballina, as far as the junction with the R445 (previously known as N7) north of Birdhill.

Current update December 2023

Work is progressing well across the Project despite the adverse weather and recent extreme weather events (Storms Elin and Fergus). There is a significant body of construction activity currently underway across all areas of the site and a number of critical Project Milestones have been achieved in recent weeks.

Shannon Bridge Crossing

Instream section

Centre Pier: Pier Riser poured. Steel nodes being installed.

Tipperary side (Eastern Embankment)

  • East Pier 2: Complete.
  • East Pier 1: Complete
  • East Abutment: Complete.
  • Edge Girders to Span 5 (i.e. East Pier 2 – East Pier 1) installed. Milestone Event.
  • Edge Girders to Span 6 (i.e. East Pier 1 – East Abutment) installed. Milestone Event.
  • Transverse beams between edge girders being installed.
  • Enabling works for 600 t crane in progress. Crane due on site late-February.

Clare Side (Western Embankment)

  • West Pier 2: Pier Cross-heads poured.
  • West Pier 1: Complete.
  • West Abutment: Complete.


  • Tarmac laid to binder level on Southbound lanes of Sections 2 & 6.
  • Road work construction activities commenced on Northbound lanes of Sections 2 & 6.
  • Vehicular traffic moved over onto new paved lanes.
  • Attenuation tank installed on Section 3.
  • Deposition of fill to bridge embankments completed. Settlement of embankments being monitored.
  • Kentledge slab to Shannonside retaining wall poured.

CIE/IE Railway Bridge

Bridge deck poured.

Kilmastulla Bridge

Kentledge slabs poured. Edge beams to be installed in new year.

Accommodation works

Accommodation works to properties on Section 2 continue.

Killaloe Bypass/Shannon Bridge Link

Shantraud to Clarisford: Kerbs installed prepping for tarmac.

Reinforced Embankment to West Abutment in progress.

Shantraud Roundabout to Creeveroe Road: Pavement to binder layer laid. Cycle path and pedestrian paths being prepped.

Creeveroe Road to Hill Road: Laying of tarmac is in progress.

Hill Road to Kincora Roundabout: drainage and duct installation nearing completion. Prepping for road kerbs.

Kincora: Installation of new gas mains and water mains is in progress. Attenuation Pond excavation complete.


  • All vessel operators are requested to pay attention to navigational buoys in the vicinity (upstream & downstream) of the works zone and to give a wide berth to marine plant associated with the works. We further request that all vessels proceed with extreme caution if in the vicinity of the works zone. 
  • Project Temporary Traffic Management arrangements can also be found on the Map Alerter app.
  • The Sisk Emergency Site Contact Number (out of hours) is: 087-6414583 should there be any issues that require attention.

Clare County Council greatly appreciates the ongoing support and co-operation from all members of the public who are impacted by the works. We acknowledge and apologise for any inconvenience caused and would like to assure you that we are endeavoring to do everything possible to minimize disruption and delays. 

Traffic Management Arrangements - Tipperary

Notice 1 - Road Closure R494 - August 2023 to May 2024

Notice 2 - TM on R494 at Knockadromin - November 2023 to April 2024

Notice 3 - TM on R494 at Roolagh Ch 0100 to Ch 0600 Phase 1 and 2 Works from December 2023 to April 2024

Traffic Management Arrangements - Clare

Notice 4 - Construction Plant Crossing Point - March 2023 to May 2024

Notice 5 - Lane Realignment on R463 at Shantraud - 2nd January 2024 to April 2024 

Notice 6 - R463 Killaloe To Scariff Road - Gas Main Works - 29th January 2024 - 9 February 2024

Notice 7 -  L -3078 Hill Road - Temporary Alignment - 26th January 2024  - 31 July 2024

Project Flythrough Animation

Below is the flythrough video generated from BIM  (Building Information Model) of the Killaloe Bypass, Shannon Bridge Crossing and R494 Upgrade.

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