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Exhumation Licence

Exhumation is a process by which human remains, of a known individual, are removed from an excavated grave plot. 

In order for consideration to be given to a proposed exhumation, an Exhumation Licence Application Form must be completed. The following must be included with the application form.

  • Fee €300
  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Written consent of owner or “Right of Burial” in the grave space in which the deceased is interred.
  • Declaration Forms from Next of Kin

If all of the above are not submitted, the application will not be considered. In addition, it may be necessary to seek further information or clarification from the applicant in order to make a determination on the application.

In considering an Application for an Exhumation Licence, Clare County Council must be satisfied that there are cogent and compelling reasons for the exhumation and that proper standards of public health are maintained. The Council will, as part of considering an application, consider the views and opinions of the HSE, Gardai and any other interested persons

Where a licence is granted, the applicant is responsible for all costs involved in carrying out the exhumation and the subsequent re-interment.

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