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Clare Survey 2023

The Clare Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), a subcommittee of Clare County Council, has published findings of a new survey which was carried out over 37 Towns and Villages  across Clare focusing on the county’s health, well-being and quality of life.

The Clare Survey, a strategic action of the Local Economic and Community Plan, PROVIDES Clare specific data and will be used in tandem with the Census 2022 findings by Clare County Council to strengthen national funding applications such as the Rural and Urban Regeneration Funds  and  various national government initiatives including Project Ireland 2040, URDF, ESIF, SICAP, EU Commission Programme, Creative Ireland, Sports Capital, Our Rural Future, CLÁR, CEP, Town Centre First, LEADER, Healthy Ireland, Climate Action,  Regional Enterprise Development Fund etc. and also  to direct resources to those areas of the county most in need.  The survey will also be utilised as a benchmark to measure progress for strategies such as Local Economic and Community Plan and the Healthy Clare Strategy. and the Survey of Income and Living Conditions.

The survey, which was conducted by independent market research agency Ireland Thinks explored topics such as Housing, Health, Transport, Education and Climate change, Volunteering & Childcare.


The survey was co-funded by Clare County Council and the Limerick and Clare Education & Training Board.

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