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Public Participation Network

A framework for public engagement and participation, called a Public Participation Network (PPN) was developed within each local authority area in 2014 to enable the public to take an active formal role in the policy making and oversight activities of the local authority's areas of responsibility. This network engages at municipal district level and at the county level. The PPN is to be the main link through which the local authority connects with the community, voluntary and environmental sectors without prejudice to other consultation processes.

The role of the PPN

The role of the network includes:

  1. To contribute to the local authority's development for the county a vision for the well-being of this and future generations.
  2. To facilitate opportunities for networking, communication and the sharing of information between environmental, community and voluntary groups and between these groups and the local authority.
  3. To identify issues of collective concern and work to influence policy locally in relation to these issues.
  4. To actively support inclusion of socially excluded groups, communities experiencing high levels of poverty, communities experiencing discrimination, including travellers to enable them to participate at local and county level and to clearly demonstrate same.
  5. To encourage and enable public participation in local decision making and planning of services.
  6. To facilitate the selection of participants from the environmental,social inclusion and voluntary sectors onto county decision making bodies.
  7. To support a process that will feed the broad range of ideas, experience, suggestions and proposals of the network into policies and plans being developed by agencies and decision makers in areas that are of interest and relevant to the network.
  8. To work to develop the environmental, social inclusion, community and voluntary sectors so that the work of the sectors is clearly recognised and acknowledged and the sectors have a strong collective voice within the county.
  9. To support the individual members of the Public Participation Network so that:
    • They can develop their capacity and do their work more effectively.
    • They can participate effectively in the Public Participation Network activities.
    • They are included and their voices and concerns are heard.


Role of the PPN Secretariat

Each County PPN has a secretariat whose role is to:

  1. Facilitate the implementation of the decisions of the plenary
  2. Ensure the proper functioning of the PPN in between plenaries
  3. Co-ordinate activities of the PPN
  4. Communicate extensively and regularly with all PPN members and in this process disseminate information concerning all PPN activities as widely as possible
  5. Manage the resource worker who will be provided to PPN at a county level to enable them in delivering their objectives

How to apply

The Clare PPN is free to join. Use the below links for information on joining.

Page last reviewed: 03/02/22

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