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CLÁR Scheme

CLÁR (Ceantair Laga Árd-Riachtanais) provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas that have suffered significant levels of population decline. 

The CLÁR Funding Scheme is available to areas of population decline in County Clare as defined in the CLÁR area map and in the List of CLÁR Electoral Districts

The CLÁR 2023 Funding Scheme is Closed for applications.

The measures being funded under the 2023 CLÁR programme are:

  • Measure 1: (Operated by Clare County Council): Developing Community Facilities & Amenites
  • Measure 2: Mobility, Cancer Care and Community First Responders Transport
  • Measure 3: Our Islands

Measure 1: Clare County Council will be operating Measures 1 of the CLÁR scheme with funding for the enhancement of existing, and/or the development of new, accessible Community Recreation Facilities. Up to 15 applications in total can be submitted from the relevant Local Authorities in respect of Measure 1. Priority for 2023 will be given in respect of small scale renovation works to community buildings (e.g. floors, windows, doors, heating upgrades, kitchen upgrades) and in particular community centres that did not receive funding under the Community Centres Investment Fund. The maximum level of funding for any individual project is €50,000 and grant-funding is at a rate of 90% of total project costs.

Types of Projects that may be supported under Measure 1 include:

  • Small Scale Renovation works to community facilities
  • Multi-Use Gaming Areas (MUGAs/Astro-Turf Facilities)
  • Playgrounds/Skateboard Parks/Pump tracks/Cycling tracks
  • Walking/Running/Athletics tracks
  • Community Gyms/Community Cinemas
  • Sensory Gardens/Community Gardens/Allotments
  • Outdoor Bowling Areas/Outdoor Toilet Facilities/Car Parking
  • Improving access at sports grounds e.g. development/upgrade of spectator stands at local sports grounds with a particular focus on improving access for people of all abilities and ages.

Funding will not be available under CLAR 2023 for:

  • School/Community Safety Measures
  • Footpaths
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Road markings
  • Bus Shelters
  • Works to current school buildings which are not open to the public after school hours.

Note: All necessary consents must be in place at the time of making an application e.g. landowner consent, planning permission, match funding etc. and proof of same must be submitted with any application. Details regarding the arrangements in place to insure and manage the facility must be submitted with any application.

Any Facilities funded must be available to the public without a requirement to be a member of a club, enrolled in a school etc. In particular, facilities on school grounds must be open to the public outside of school hours e.g. during the evenings, weekends and school holidays.

Measure 2: Mobility, Cancer Care and Community First Responders Transport provides funding for transport and is being administered directly by the Department.

Measure 3: Our Islands provides funding for Island Communities for Island Community Transport and Outdoor Community Recreation Amenities. This Measure is being administered directly by the Department.

Measure 1 will be operated by Clare County Council. Applications should be submitted to Clare County Council at by Wednesday 3rd May 2023 at 4:00p.m.

The application forms and scheme guidelines for all measures are available below.

Page last reviewed: 03/04/23

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