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Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme

The Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme is funded under Project Ireland 2040 and is a key initiative of Our Rural Future – Ireland’s Rural Development Policy 2021-2025. The Scheme will facilitate the development of outdoor recreation amenities as envisaged in Embracing Ireland’s Outdoors, the Government’s National Outdoor Recreation Strategy 2023 - 2027.

An Expression of Interest Form should be completed and submitted to Rural Development Directorate by 4:00p.m. Friday 21st July 2023.

In line with Embracing Ireland’s Outdoors, the scheme supports the provision of outdoor recreation infrastructure that is, in the main, freely available to the public in the countryside (not within the environs of towns and villages) and that contributes to healthy active lifestyles and the economic and tourism potential of the area for both local communities and tourist visitors alike. In particular, the scheme provides funding for trails, cycleways, blueways, bridleways, as well as outdoor amenities located near rivers, lakes and beaches. In the 2023 Scheme, there is a specific focus on developing amenities for adventure tourism in rural Ireland. 

Measure 1 - Maximum Grant Amount Available: Up to €30,000

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are currently being sought for project proposals under Measure 1 of the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme, which provides funding for Small Scale Repair/Development/Promotion and Marketing with a maximum grant up to €30,000. A maximum of seven EOIs can be shortlisted and will be developed into funding applications for onward submission to the Department of Rural and Community Development.

All necessary consent must be in place at the time of making a funding application i.e. planning permissions, landowner consents, insurance etc. In designated areas such as SACs, SPAs etc, any necessary AA screening and other ecological assessments must be in place prior to submitting an application for funding.

Applicants that are proposing works on public lands must engage with their local Municipal District Office and submit written consent from the MD office for the proposed project when submitting their Expression of Interest application. 

Community Groups who have a potential projects that align with the Scheme requirements should in the first instance discuss same with the Rural and Community Development Officer (RCDO) for their respective area. Contact details of Rural and Community Development Officers.

Closing Date

An Expression of Interest Form should be completed and submitted to Rural Development Directorate by 4:00p.m. Friday 21st July 2023.

Page last reviewed: 13/06/23

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