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Clare Rural Development Strategy 2030

The Renewed Clare Rural Development Strategy 2030, entitled "Realising Clare's Rural Potential: Our Life, Our Home",  outlines a pathway to revitalised and reinvigorated rural communities across the county.

The Renewed Strategy is based on a review of the implementation of the first Clare Rural Development Strategy by the members of the Clare Rural Development Forum. The first strategy, aimed to establish Clare as one of the best places in Ireland to live, work, and invest. The Renewed Strategy reiterates this commitment and recommends a renewal of the objectives and targets of the strategy to allow the Clare Rural Development Forum to lead out the delivery of additional actions to 2030, underpinning the successful implementation of the original strategy.

Rural Development Strategy Objectives are structured around the following themes:

  • Building Social Enterprises
  • Growing our Multi-Service Centres and Digital/Broadband
  • Co-operating Communities
  • Managing the Environment
  • Age Friendly Health
  • Rural Way of Life
  • Transport and Water, Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Education, Child, and Youth Services
  • Building Tourism
  • Population growth and Balance & New communities

Improving the lives of those living and working in Clare’s rural communities is a priority for the Clare Rural Development Forum. There is huge untapped potential in rural Clare for both jobs and tourism, where there are strong communities with ideas and ambitions for their futures. The aim of this Renewed Strategy is to further unlock that potential.

Having assessed how Covid-19 has affected the implementation and delivery of the plan, it was felt that a revised implementation period to 2030 is required to maximise the full potential of the strategy. The new timeline allows the strategy to align itself with the upcoming Local Economic and Community Plan 2023-2028 and link in with other local policies, strategies, and objectives over the lifetime of the plan.

Renewed Clare Rural Development Strategy 2030 Launch Day

The Renewed Strategy focuses its aims on ten Renewed Strategic Objectives, which include social enterprises, multi-service centres and digital broadband, co-operating communities under the umbrella of the Municipal Districts, managing the environment and transitioning to a low-carbon economy, and a range of infrastructure.

The Renewed Clare Rural Development Strategy 2030 is an ambitious plan to unlock the full potential of rural Clare and improve the lives of its residents. With its ten Renewed Strategic Objectives, the strategy is designed to drive economic growth, improve social services, protect the environment, and enhance the overall quality of life in the region.

Page last reviewed: 16/03/23

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