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Fire operations

The purpose of the fire operations section of the Fire Authority is to respond quickly and efficiently to fires and other emergencies throughout the county. This involves the mobilisation of fire-fighting crews and the appropriate fire appliances.

The operational fire service in Clare is a retained fire service, i.e. fire fighters carry a pager and are expected to report to the fire station within five minutes and go mobile to the incident as is the norm for rural counties in Ireland. The station officers report to a senior assistant chief fire officer who is a professional technically qualified officer. In addition, at least one senior fire officer is rostered on-call each week to assist in the handling of emergency incidents.

Fire and Emergency Operations Plan 2014 - 2019

The purpose of this plan is to fulfil Clare County Council’s statutory obligation as a Fire Authority as outlined in Section 26 of the Fire Services Acts, 1981 & 2003. This plan details current arrangements within the Fire Authority, but it also sets out strategic plans and targets for the Fire Authority for the next 5 years.

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