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Abandoned vehicles

Vehicles abandoned in a public place are an offence under the Waste Management Act 1996-2008 (as amended).

If a vehicle is suspected as being abandoned the Council will then follow a procedure of issuing notifications to the registered owner. 

The process from initial inspection to removal can take up to 8 weeks

The following should also be noted:

  1. Vehicles on public roads which are causing obstruction or road safety hazard should be reported to the Gardai.
  2. While a vehicle with no tax or insurance may be an indicator that a vehicle is abandoned, the issue of no tax or insurance on a vehicle on a public road does not automatically deem a vehicle abandoned. Having no Tax or Insurance on a public road is a matter for the Gardai and does not fall under the remit of Clare County Council.
  3. Burned out vehicles should also be reported to the Gardai.  Burning out a vehicle is criminal behaviour.
  4. Vehicles in estates which are owned by persons resident in the estate will not be deemed abandoned. 
  5. Vehicles on private lands, private car parks or in estates not taken in charge by the County Council will not be deemed abandoned or investigated.
  6. Broken down vehicles, poorly parked vehicles or vehicles involved in residential parking disputes are not considered abandoned.
  7. If a vehicle is abandoned in a public place, the council places an abandoned vehicles notice on it. The registered owner is written to and is given seven days in which to remove it, if it is not removed within the seven days, the council makes arrangements to have it removed to the Central Waste Management Facility, Ballyduffbeg, Inagh. 


How to Report an Abandoned Vehicle

If you would like to report an abandoned vehicle in a public place, there are a number of options available:

  1. Email us at or
  2. Contact us using our online contact form
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Colour / Make / Model
  • Exact Location
  • Period of time that vehicle has not been moved – NOTE: Vehicles must not have moved for a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Name and Contact Number
  • A photo of the vehicle tax disc if possible. This will help expedite the process

The Council will arrange to investigate the matter.

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