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Unauthorised collectors

Under the Waste Collection Permit Regulations, 2007, all waste collectors must have a valid waste collection permit or have made a valid waste collection permit application.

It is a criminal offence to give waste to a bogus collector.

If you are a householder, business or industry you must not give waste to illegal collectors for disposal. If a collector comes to your door or advertises in flyers offering to collect your waste ie (clean out your garage, remove old washing machines, fridge's and garbage), ask to see a copy of the front page of their waste collection permit. The cover of this permit will give you the name, address and waste collection permit number of the collector.

If you are in doubt about a waste collector's authenticity you should consult with the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) which is based at the offices of Offaly County Council. Alternatively, you can contact the Environment Section, Clare County Council at (065) 6846331 with the name and address of the waste collector and ask if this collector has a waste permit.

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