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Development contributions

What is a development contribution

Section 48 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended), requires planning authorities to make a development contribution scheme.  The contribution rates as detailed in the scheme are subject to an annual adjustment using the wholesale price indices – building and construction capital goods published by the Central Statistics Offices.

Under Section 48 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended), a planning authority can, when granting a planning permission under section 34 of the act, include conditions requiring the payment of a development contribution in respect of public infrastructure and facilities such as the refurbishment,upgrading, enlargement or replacement of roads, car parks, car parking places, sewers, waste water facilities, drains or water mains, the provision of open spaces, parks, community facilities and amenities and landscaping works etc. Once a permission is granted, various levels of development charges may be levied. It is advisable to check the current development contribution scheme prior to making a planning application to avoid confusion as to the charges.

Clare County Council, may in addition to the terms of the general development contribution scheme require the payment of a special contribution in respect of a particular development where specific exceptional costs not covered by a scheme are incurred in respect of public infrastructure and facilities which benefit the proposed development. In such cases the condition will specify the particular works carried out or proposed to be carried out by the council.

Contributions are payable prior to commencement of developments.

Development contribution charges

The current development contribution charges are set out in the council's general development contribution scheme. These charges are outlined in the links below:

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