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Taking in charge

Taking in charge is a request to have certain services taken in charge when a development is completed to the satisfaction of the local authority.Taken in charge is carried out in accordance with Section 180 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 and Section 11 of the Roads Act, 1993.

What we take in charge

  • Public roads and footpaths
  • Public open spaces*
  • Unallocated surface parking areas
  • Public lighting
  • Fire services including fire hydrants
  • Storm water drainage
  • Public sewers; watermains or service connections (within the meaning of the Water Services Act 2007)**

* We do not maintain green areas

** Where water services infrastructure is vested in the ownership of Irish Water through a Connection Agreement, there is no requirement for a planning authority to take such infrastructure in charge. Where water service infrastructure has not been vested in Irish Water, it is initially taken in charge by the planning authority pursuant to Section 180 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended and the water services legislation provides that it will subsequently be transferred to Irish Water.

Liability for the above elements of a development shall remain with the developer until such time as they are taken in charge by the council.

The document below outlines our policy and also includes an application form in relation to taking in charge of private housing developments i.e. a development of two or more houses.

Page last reviewed: 13/08/19

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