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Abnormal load permit

Clare County Council issue permits to authorise the use of a vehicle on public roads maintained by Clare County Council where such vehicle contravenes the guidelines of maximum weights and dimensions of mechanically propelled vehicles and trailers (February 1987) as set out by the department of the environment.

Guidelines for Oversized Loads
  Oversize One Escort Second Escort
Width > 2.60 m > 3.00 m > 4.35 m
Length > 16.50 m > 22.00 m > 30.00 m
Weight > 44,000 kg > 60,000 kg > 90,000 kg
Height > 4.25 m > 5.00 m > 5.40 m
Speed   < 50 kph < 32 kph

Please note that the above dimensions should only serve as a guideline and may have to be varied according to type of trailer, selected route and time or date of travel, e.g. height clearance at Crusheen Bridge is 4.2 m. The applicant/licensee must satisfy themselves, Clare County Council, the Garda Síochána and relevant utility companies that the proposed route is capable of accommodating the load in terms of width, length, height and weight envisaged and that no delays, hold-ups or disruption will be caused to other traffic.

Clare County Council issue a single return load permit at a fee of €78 or a six month abnormal load permit at a fee of €505.

When a completed application form is received in the roads office it is forwarded to the senior engineer for his inspection. The senior engineer will then check the size of the load and the route specified, and if he feels it is satisfactory, he will sign the application form and then the permit can be typed up.

The abnormal load permit specifies the route, registration of vehicle, date of travel and whether single return or six month permit. Each permit has standard conditions but the senior engineer may add further special conditions according to the size of the load.

Responsibility for ensuring that the route indicated on the permit application is suitable lies solely with the applicant/licensee and they are responsible for any damage caused and for the repairs resulting.

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