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Hedge Cutting

Clare County Council's adopted verge trimming/hedge cutting policy specifies the following priorities for hedge cutting:

  • All regional and national routes,
  • Approaches to towns and villages,
  • Strategic routes linking towns and villages,
  • Bus routes and important school bus routes,
  • Roads being strengthened/surface dressed on roadworks programme.

The Wildlife Act, 1976 restricts the cutting of hedges between 1st March and 31st August each year except where it may be necessary on grounds of public health and safety, notably when resolution of real hazards involves hedge trimming or vegetation clearance.

Under the Roads Act, 1993 (Section 70) landowners are responsible for hedges.  The Act obliges landowners and occupiers of land to take all reasonable care to ensure that the trees, hedges and other vegetation growing on their land are not, or could not become a danger to people using or working on a public road.

If you have any further queries in relation to hedge cutting in a particular area, you are advised to contact the Municipal District Office as listed below:

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