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The twinning committee, as established by Clare County Council, is a committee as set out in the Local Government Act 2001. It is charged with entering twinning arrangements for its administrative area or part thereof, or establishing links with any other area, whether within or outside the state. Meetings are normally held quarterly, but may however, on request, be held at other various times during the year. 

The members of the twinning committee are as follows:

  • Cllr. Michael Begley
  • Cllr. Mary Howard
  • Cllr. Tony O'Brien
  • Cllr. Pat McMahon
  • Cllr. PJ Ryan
  • Cllr. Paul Murphy
  • Cllr. Pat Hayes
  • Cllr. John Crowe
  • Mayor of Clare

The decision to enter into any arrangement is a reserved function and a local authority shall not enter into any arrangement unless the members have had regard to the following matters:

  •   The benefits likely to accrue to its administrative area and the local community.
  •   The social, cultural and general interests to its administrative area and the local community.
  •   The total cost involved.

The following twinning arrangements are in place:

  •     Ennis - Phoenix, Arizona
  •     Ennis – Langenfeld, Germany                         
  •     Ennis - St Paul de Fenouillet, France
  •     County Clare - Clare Valley, Australia
  •     County Clare - Newry and Mourne (Northern Ireland)
  •     Shannon – Guingamp, (France)
  •     Kilrush – Plouzane (France)
  •     Kilkee – Plouhince (France)
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