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Clare County Council’s Corporate Plan 2019 to 2024 sets out the strategic framework within which Clare County Council will operate during the lifetime of this council. The corporate plan is a central component of the local authority business architecture, linking key elements such as policy, organisation, operational activity, governance, and performance management.

The plan details by directorate the strategic goals and the supporting strategies and mechanisms for implementing and monitoring the council in achieving those objectives. It has been prepared in the context of the current external and internal operating environment while ensuring flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances as they arise. The consideration of climate change will be embedded into all of our policies and services.

Purpose, vision and core values

Clare County Council will be a professional, responsive and agile local government that will lead the social, economic, physical, and rural development of our county, and to have   sustainable communities at its heart.

Strategic objectives 2019-2024

Clare County Council operates under five directorates namely Social Directorate, Physical Directorate, Rural and Tourism Directorate, Economic Directorate and Finance and Support Services directorate. These directorates have agreed strategic objectives and supporting strategies as set out below.

Economic directorate

To facilitate a pro-active economic environment where businesses locate and grow and create sustainable employment to support our communities, thus enhancing the economic value of County Clare.

Social directorate

To enhance the quality of life for the people of County Clare through the provision of appropriate housing supports to those in need and by enabling and fostering access to information, learning, arts, cultural and recreational opportunities.

Rural directorate

To put in place a process of engagement in a rural development strategy to deliver key projects that will improve the quality of life, social and economic wellbeing of people in County Clare.

Physical directorate

To deliver, maintain and protect key infrastructure to facilitate the economic, social, physical and rural development of County Clare in a manner which promotes sustainability, accessibility, connectivity and respect for the environment.

Finance and support services directorate

To provide human resources, financial and corporate infrastructure to support and develop the Council’s ability to deliver evolving services to its customers by empowering our staff and enabling them to deliver to their best capacity.

Page last reviewed: 06/03/20

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