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Working in local government

There are over a hundred local authorities in Ireland that constitute our local government system, delivering a wide range of crucially important services to every city, town and village in the country. Between them they employ over 30,000 people.

The purpose of local government is to enable people at local level to provide services for themselves, to exercise some control over their affairs and to make decisions through the democratic process.

Local residents elect individuals to represent them on the various authorities. Elected representatives make decisions on behalf of their constituents and also levy local taxes to fund service provision.

Local authorities carry out a broad range of activities that make a significant contribution to the physical, cultural, social and environmental development of their communities.

These services include:

  • Physical Planning and Development
  • Roads
  • Sanitary Services
  • Housing
  • Waste Management
  • Fire Protection
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Environmental Protection
  • Parks, Amenities and Arts

There is a close working relationship between local authorities and various resident and community groups in the preparation of urban and rural renewal schemes and other local action plans.

All authorities within the local government sector are equal opportunities employers. Each authority has its own human resources department which looks after all local recruitment and selection processes.

What can a career in local government offer you?

  • A salary commensurate with your experience
  • A permanent, pensionable position.
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • An open environment governed by fair procedures at all stages of employment
  • Generous annual leave allowances
  • Extensive training
  • Personal development
  • A definite career progression path
  • The opportunity to make a difference to your own environment
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