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Ethics register

Council elected members and employees have a personal responsibility to abide by the highest ethical conduct in the performance of their duties.

The Local Government Act 2001 sets out a revised ethical framework and it imposes a statutory duty on all in the local government service to maintain proper standards of integrity, conduct and concern for the public interest and to act within the law. This is to be achieved by adhering to the codes of conduct which were issued to all elected members and employees, completion of Annual Declarations of Interests, completion of Annual Political Donation statements and compliance with the law and the code of conduct in their dealings with the council.

Codes of Conduct

A code of conduct has been developed to enable elected members and council employees to provide a high quality service in a safe and secure environment and this applies also to all members of the public who use the facilities and services.

Ethics Registrar

The council has appointed an ethics registrar to implement the ethics framework. The contact details for the ethics registrar for 2022 are as follows:
Ms. Mary McMahon
Phone No: (065) 6846474
The ethics declarations are maintained in a register which can be inspected, on request, by any member of the public.

Page last reviewed: 20/09/22

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