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Planning application form

Applications for planning permission must be made on the official planning application form available from the planning department or can be downloaded from this site. The planning application form (Irish Version: foirm iarratais pleanála)  must be completed in full with all the relevant questions satisfactorily and accurately answered. The application form must be signed by the applicant or agent. 

There are 4 types of permission:

  1. Permission for a development – is sought where an applicant wishes to obtain permission. Full details and plans must be submitted. Permission lasts 5 years beginning on the date of the grant of permission, unless the permission states an alternative time period. Development must be completed inside this time frame.
  2. Outline permission for a development - is generally sought where an applicant wishes to find out whether planning permission would be granted for a particular development, but may not wish to incur the expense of having detailed plans drawn. The grant of an outline permission means that the planning authority agrees, in principle, to the proposed development on a particular site but does not permit the carrying out of any works. As specified in Section 36 (3) (a) of the 2000 Planning and Development Act as amended, ‘where outline permission has been granted by a planning authority, any subsequent application for permission must be made not later than 3 years beginning on the date of the grant of outline permission, or such longer period, not exceeding 5 years, as may be specified by the planning authority.’

    An outline permission may not be made for: 
    • Retention of development
    • Carrying out of works to a protected structure or proposed protected structure or development requiring an integrated pollution prevention and control licence, waste licence or Environmental Impact Statement (E.I.S.)
    • Provision of, or modification to, an establishment to which the European Communities (control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances) Regulations 2006. 
  3. Permission consequent on the grant of an outline permission– is sought where an outline permission has already been granted. Detailed plans and specifications must be submitted. 
  4. Permission for retention of an unauthorised development – is sought where the applicant already has carried out a development without grant of permission and wishes to retain it.  

No planning application, which is the same as a planning application subject of an appeal to An Bord Pleanála on the same site, shall be made to the planning authority before:

  1. the Board has made its decision on the appeal
  2. the appeal is withdrawn, or 
  3. the appeal is dismissed by the Board.
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