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Ennis Local Transport Plan privacy statement

The purpose of this privacy notice is to describe, in clear terms, the personal data that the traffic survey collects about individuals, why it is needed, the legal basis, how it is used and how individuals may interact with the Council in relation their personal data and the camera for a traffic survey. It also outlines the rights of individuals under data protection legislation.

Clare County Council also has a privacy statement which is a general document about how we approach data protection as an organisation and is available on the Council’s website Privacy statement | Clare County Council ( or on request.

1.0 Purpose of the short term (06/12/2023) localised cameras

Personal data may be processed as part of the localised and short term traffic camera installation in order to identify turning movement counts at 75 junctions in relation to the Ennis Area Local Transport Plan. The counts will be of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists and the location tables below identify the junctions that pedestrian and cyclist numbers will be counted. The cameras will operate at a resolution such that identifiable images will not be recorded, so personal data is not being gathered in the survey. The cameras will be operational on one day only in Ennis and environs, namely on Wednesday 6th December 2023.   In the event that any personal data is processed through the cameras, the Council is obliged to protect it in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the provisions contained in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The purpose of the processing of personal data under this project is to:

  • get accurate data in relation to traffic, cyclist and pedestrian movement at the specified locations. Also, this data is vital to inform the correct process is followed in developing a traffic model.
  • The survey informs the correct process for developing a traffic model. The model will be utilised to test the impacts of various future proposals, networks interventions and land use proposals in the study area to improve safety for all road users at these locations.

Traffic survey cameras will be installed at the 75 no. junction locations (2 cameras maybe required at some junctions) listed in the tables below for a duration of 12 hours from 07:00-19:00 on Wednesday 6th December 2023.

Junction Turning Count (JTC) Group 1 Locations

Junction Turning Count (JTC) Group 1 locations
Site ID Location Ped/Cycle Irish National Grid X Coordinates Irish National Grid Y Coordinates
J2 L4180/Drumcliffe Road No 132790.095 178754.513
J4 Lahinch Road/Relief Road No 132558.771 178154.571
J7 Relief Rd/Drumbiggle Rd No 132042.242 176392.5
J8 Relief Road – Icarus No 133012.173 175497.4
J9 Clareabbey Roundabout No 134156.283 175290.619
J10 M18 J12 West Roundabout No 136721.989 175536.89
J11 M18 J12 East Roundabout No 136884.158 175543.068
J12 Skehanagh Roundabout No 135621.469 175471.673
J17 CC Barrack Street/Patrick No 134987.815 174100.18
J18 Kildysart Rd/L4172 No 133346.906 173250.37
J19 Kildysart Road/L4176 No 134180.826 174975.873
J21 Kildysart Rd/R458 No 134230.161 175116.609
J23 Kilrush Rd/Ennis National No 132817.14 175730.957
J24 L4118/R469 No 136329.257 176902.027
J25 Tulla Road/L4608 No 136083.848 178837.074
J26 M18 J13 West Roundabout No 136827.251 179062.914
J27 M18 J13 West Roundabout No 137141.636 179177.55
J30 MM18 J14 No 136777.123 182444.959
J31 Barefield Roundabout No 136413.317 182080.462
J35 Tulla Road/Ross Levan Rou Yes 135388.494 178725.182
J36 Tulla Road/Oakleigh Wood Yes 134931.331 178708.705
J37 Tulla Road/Kevin Barry Av No 134523.592 178437.563
J38 Tulla Road/Lifford Road No 134511.238 178230.604
J39 Clon Road/Lifford Road No 134505.404 177988.637
J40 Clon Rd/Francis Street Yes 134444.657 177721.958
J41 Clon Road/Friar's Walk Yes 134290.212 177327.603
J42 Clon Road/Station Road Yes 134166.999 177015.276
J45 Clon Rd/Limerick Road No 133815.206 176521.731
J46 College View/Lmk Rd Yes 133925.723 176178.516
J47 Ashline/Kilrush Rd No 132906.718 175933.798
J48 Kilrush Rd/Cahercalla Rd No 133116.078 176220.04
J51 O'Connell St/Station Rd Yes 133773.673 177209.534
J53 O'Connell St/Clare Road Yes 133744.844 177114.806
J54 Kilrush Rd/Carmody Street Yes 133630.553 177169.72
J55 Drumbiggle Rd/Carmody Str Yes 133529.647 177249.346
J57 Parnell Street/Summerhill Yes 133476.105 177378.738
J58 Carmody Street/Wood Quay Yes 133458.257 177425.758
J60 Mill Road/Circular Road Yes 133380.346 177669.097
J61 Maid of Erin Roundabout Yes 133450.018 177772.749
J62 Lahinch Road/Cloughleigh No 132866.55 178102.233
J66 Highfield Park/Gort Road No 133841.281 178339.4
J70 Gort Rd/Lifford Rd No 133960.721 178124.891
J72 New Rd/Gort Road No 133917.82 177844.827
J73 Harmony Row/Abbey Street Yes 133857.244 177678.109
J75 Old Gaol Rd/Clare Rd Yes 133982.006 177085.72
J76 Friar's Walk/Causeway Lin Yes 134180.726 177377.454
J78 Francis St/Abbey St/CPark No 133894.655 177567.423
J80 OCS/Parnell/Abbey St. No 133821.207 177462.141
J81 Abbey Street CP/Bank Place No 133775.216 177492.687
J82 Harvey's Quay/Salthouse L No 133742.439 177466.516
J83 Market Roundabout No 133675.685 177332.49
J85 Bindon St/Harmony Row No 133663.67 177673.303
J88 Quin Rd/Industrial Estate No 134628.625 176853.882
J89 Drumbiggle Rd/Gold Links No 132243.623 176515.458
J90 Drumbiggle Rd/L4545 No 132947.555 176960.613
J92 Circular Rd/Honan Terrace No 133271.203 177653.738
J99 Market Place Car Park No 133672.905 177308.216
J100 Dunnes Multistorey exit No 134139.34 177389.243

Junction Turning Count (JTC) Group 2 locations

Junction Turning Count (JTC) Group 2 locations
Site ID Location Ped/Cycle Irish National Grid X Coordinates Irish National Grid Y Coordinates
J43 Clon Rd/Tobarteascaín No 134073.646 176803.512
J44 Clon Rd/Connolly Villas No 134010.838 176757.177
J49 Clare Road/Dalcassian Dri No 133781.226 176841.264
J56 Summerhill/Carmody Street No 133507.338 177298.769
J64 Highfield Park/Watery Rd No 133618.879 178021.924
J65 Gort Road/Glenina No 133815.88 178847.358
J68 Gort Rd/College Rd No 133878.694 177763.484
J69 Drumcliffe Road/Gort Road No 133821.717 178462.957
J71 New Rd/Daly Rd No 134151.206 177916.217
J74 Old Gaol Rd/Clare Road No 133777.107 176933.675
J77 Causeway Link/Francis Str No 134115.686 177569.14
J84 Market St/Drumbiggle Rd No 133658.524 177266.25
J87 Quin Rd/Train Station No 134222.6 177014.504
J91 Circular Rd/Orchard Ln No 132949.612 177479.898
J93 Drumbiggle Rd/Cahercalla No 132357.57 176588.221
J101 Dunnes Entrance 1 No 134119.137 177292.996
J102 Dunnes Entrance 2 No 134093.602 177253.15

2.0 Legal basis

The legal basis to process personal data in the case of the road traffic survey is the following:

  • Article 6(1) e of the GDPR - the processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of an official authority vested in Clare County Council. The official authority in this case derives from the Roads Act, 1993 - Section 13 - Responsibility of road authorities for the maintenance and construction of local roads and Section 78 - Powers of inspection & survey.
  • The official authority that requires the Ennis Local Transport plan is also set out in the Clare County Development Plan 2023 to 2029, the Southern Regional Assembly , Southern Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy and the Area Based Transport Assessment (NTA).
  • The processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation to which the Council is subject, namely, Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Acts.

3.0 The categories of personal data concerned

Personal data processed in the traffic survey is:

  • Vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians . Images of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians will be processed at a distance, angle and resolution that would prevent individuals from being identifiable. ANPR is not being used for this survey.

4.0 Processing and recipients of the data

Access to the data is limited to the company engaged by Clare County Council to do the survey, who will record images of traffic (including pedestrian and cyclist traffic) such that individual persons are not identifiable. No personal data will provided to the Council and anonymised traffic movement data only will be provided to the Council.

Third party access to personal data is not allowed, except in the very limited circumstances permitted by law. Access requests shall be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, the GDPR and the Council’s data protection policies and procedures.

There are no plans to transfer the personal data to a third country or international organisation.

5.0 The retention period for the data

Clare County Council subscribes to the national policy for retention and destruction of Local Authority records.

6.0 Data subjects have a range of data rights

  • Right of access by the data subject
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to object and automated individual decision-making

7.0 The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

If you are not satisfied with a decision on your request for access to data or have concerns about personal data processing, you have the right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Commission, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois, Ireland. Before doing so it is recommended that you contact Clare County Council ( to establish the circumstances. We may be in a position to resolve the problem in a timely manner. 

The Data Protection Commission website has further details and the forms that are required to be completed if you wish to raise a concern or make a complaint.

8.0 Contact details for the data controller and data protection officer

The identity and the contact details of the controller:

Clare County Council,
New Road,
Co. Clare

Telephone: (065) 6821616


The contact details of the data protection officer:

Data Protection Office,
Clare County Council,
New Road,
Co Clare

Telephone: (065) 6846405


Page last reviewed: 01/12/23

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