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Shannon Town to introduce five new pollinator sites as part of a pilot grassland management initiative

21 March 2021

Shannon Municipal District (MD), Clare County Council, in conjunction with elected members from Shannon Town and community groups, is delighted to support a new grassland management initiative. This pilot initiative will enhance biodiversity in Shannon Town and will include the introduction of five new pollinator sites.

This environmentally focused initiative was inspired by a recent series of biodiversity seminars delivered by renowned ecologist Dr Frances Giaquinto for Shannon Town. These were supported through Clare County Council’s Heritage Programme and involved the Environment Department, Rural and Community Development Department and Shannon MD Office.

Caitriona Gallagher, Executive Technician and project lead with the Shannon Municipal District Office, said: “There will be delayed cutting at the pollinator sites until after 15th April, 2021, as recommended by the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. Timing of cuts is critical to allow wildflowers to emerge and each site will monitored and surveyed throughout the pilot project to ensure that these timings are suitable for the individual sites.” 

Local Councillors, Cllr Gerry Flynn and Cllr Donna McGettigan, recently walked the proposed sites with staff from the Shannon MD Office to brief themselves on the project.

Ms Gallagher continued: “We would like to acknowledge the support from Clare County Council’s Environment Department, which is supporting this initiative by removing the grass cutting for composting at the Central Waste Management Facility in Inagh. It is a vital part of the process and as the areas are cut the grass needs to be lifted to reduce soil enrichment and allow the native flowers to bloom.”

Congella McGuire, Heritage Officer, Clare County Council, explains that this is an exciting pilot project. It is a fantastic collaboration with the local community working with elected members, together with cross-departmental support from across Clare County Council’s service areas. This approach will not only help in the enhancement of our green spaces in Shannon but will also contribute in a positive way to enhancing biodiversity and thus, as a community, help to reduce the effects of climate change.

Dawn Adams, Shannon Tidy Towns, said: “We are delighted that there will be five community pollinator sites introduced in Shannon Town. Signage will be placed at these locations to explain to people that these sites are being managed for biodiversity. The objective is to provide the community with beautiful wildflowers and provide pollinators with food and rest. Did you know that a bee needs rest and food every 30 metres!”

Karen Foley, Environmental Awareness Officer, Environment Section, Clare County Council, explains that not only will this initiative assist biodiversity enhancement and reduce effects of climate change but it will help raise awareness in the wider community in Shannon about the simple changes homeowners can make to prevent and reduce their garden waste, as well as pesticide use.



Caitriona Gallagher, Shannon Municipal District Office, meeting with Shannon Tidy Towns, at one of the five new pollinator sites in Shannon Town. Photo acknowledgement: Dawn Adams, Shannon Tidy Towns.

Page last reviewed: 19/03/21

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